Spring Event


Riverside Park Mallard, Geese and Invasive Plants Studies

 Thank you to park patrons who take          time to be curious about our studies.

   We appreciate your  support and look 

    forward to seeing you  at Riverside 

    Park again.

   If you wish to share your observations

   about the Mallards, Canadian Geese,

   or Invasive/non-native Plants give us a

   call - 616.808.7499.



Summer Event

​Summer School 

Starts Monday, June 11, 2018 

Ends Friday, July 27, 2108 

Openings for

Full time - 8:00am to 3:00pm 

Part time - 8:00am to 11:30am

*For Home school students please call to arrange times 

**Referral Program and home school student rates


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​​​​ Fall Event


 Ribbons and Bows

​Arts and Crafts Show

Aquinas College

​November 3, 2018

​9am to 3pm

​Your Vendor Agreement 

​is now available




For Community Involvement

 A school is only as strong as the

 community that surrounds and  supports it.

 Healthy communities  feed into healthy

 schools. Your  monetary donations are 

 going to a  cause that promotes Montessori

 education and the organizations  that support  

 that process.  Investing in Peninsular 

 Academy  is making an investment

 towards a better future for your community

 and local businesses.

Tax Deductions

 Peninsular Academy is a registered 

 501(c)(3)  nonprofit Montessori. The IRS  

 allows you to  deduct your donation to

 Peninsular Academy. Please remember to

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Fall Events


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